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    Ladies top for sale in trivandrum

    ladies modern top for sale in trivandrum fashion shops in trivandrum ladies fashion in trivandrum ladies tops in trivandrum fashion classifieds in trivandrum

    • Kerala , Thiruvananthapuram , Poojapura
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    Funriders|Indoor and Outdoor play equipments

    Funriders is one of the reliable indoor and outdoor play equipment manufacturer.Our new product is inclusive play stations is the deal playground for kids of all activities.The wheel chair accessible play structure,Inclusive play equipments,Wheel chair accessible glide swing,accessible playground surface,inclusive playground design and cost,Special needs playground equipment all kinds play equipments provide an easy access to all the play elements.

    • Kerala , Ernakulam , Kochi
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    Customised Handwork Organza Sarees

    Customised Designer Handwork Organza Sarees with Blouse . We are customizing any design as per the requirement

    • Kerala , Thrissur , Patturaickal
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    Bridal Beauty Preparation Guide From Head To Toe

    Planning the big day by a young soul is almost overwhelming at times. It is expected to be a hard chore and there is lot to do and it is difficult to know where to start. You will have to pick a venue, invite your guests without missing any, arrange travelling facilities, caterers, decorations, wedding wear, ornaments, photography, bridesmaids, and lot more. Your big day is the unforgettable moment in your life, its the time when your family and friends come together to celebrate your glorious moments and the new found love. One of the major aspect of a wedding is the bridal makeup. It’s your special day and you have to look impeccable. Everyone at the wedding have to stare you at awe as you walk into the venue. Your makeup should be done professionally if you want to look in the best way at your day and in your photographs. There are lots of bridal makeup in Thrissur that can help you glow on your wedding day. Here is the preparation guide from head to toe to make you look nothing less than angelic. Hair The hair of bride should look lovely and shiny all day, for this, it must be treated with love and devotion beforehand. All those heavy works on hair like washing, blow-drying, and heat styling daily would result a messy head, full of split ends and wispies. Repair your hair from inside out. Hair Experts suggest to take a diet rich in Vitamin B that helps to enhance the natural shine of hair. Incorporate nuts, fish, eggs into your meals that will give you a good start. From the outside, about four weeks prior to your big day, start brisk scalp massage with deep conditioning treatment which not only feels good but also trigger the hair follicles. We have hair treatments in Thrissur that can help you get your right method of medication to make it healthy and shiny. Face Treatments for your face should start months back from your wedding, exactly six months. This duration will result in a glowing skin that seems to be natural. Now we need a good pointer to show you exactly what kind of treatment you would need. Consult a dermatologist who can help fight acne battle by prescribing oral pills and creams for your skin, or administering facial peels to kick out oils and bacteria. If you wish to bring a dull complexion, an aesthetician can help you with a series of facials to remove blackheads, wipe out dead skin cells, and improve circulation. Start the visit six months prior to your wedding and not just 10 days beforehand. Above all, the real hero for glowing skin is water. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and enhance natural glowing and moisturization to your skin. You can have professional bridal makeup in Thrissur for your wedding day from Lyra Ladies Beauty Parlour. Eyes.. Read more: https://www.lyragroup.in

    • Kerala , Thrissur , East Fort
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    Best Gold Buying Company in Trivandrum

    Sell your gold jewels with the best rate in the city. Direct from customers and from Bank ( gold loans & Auctions). We purchase all types of gold Ornaments, Coins & Bars.

    • Kerala , Thiruvananthapuram , Trivandrum
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    fancy dress materials .

    Fabric designed pure cotton dress material.

    • Kerala , Thiruvananthapuram , Balaramapuram
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    Earrings for sale at Trivandrum


    • Kerala , Thiruvananthapuram , Azhoor
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    Toy JCB for kids

    Kids favorite toys discount sale

    • Kerala , Thiruvananthapuram , Arappuramukku
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